We advise and represent our clients, from private individuals to international institutions, in matters related to the following aspects of Banking Law:
Negotiation and conclusion of Banking Law contracts
General conditions
Accountability and Right to information
Execution only
Asset and Wealth management
Bank loans
Securities and pledges
Bank guarantees
Documentary credits
Unauthorised transfers and operations
Business finders

We provide legal opinions on topics related to private law (banking contracts) or administrative and criminal Banking law (anti-money laundering rules, prudential regulations). We also act in cases related to international procedures of asset recovery, as well as recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards and foreign decisions.

We regularly speak in training sessions and lectures to professionals and lay public (among which CAS Compliance in Financial Services (UNIGE), CAS Digital Finance Law (UNIGE), Journée de droit bancaire et financier (CDBF), IFAGE.